You can do it!

Sorry guys…

I ended in hospital… My condition is very bad and I don’t think that I’ll get through this. I was looking for help but no one helped me. I want to ask you one more thing… Is it worth it?

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Day 3

Breakfast - 150 gr chicken fillet, 1 tomato, 3 olives + Non-fat latte

Lunch - 100 gr chicket fillet, 2 tomatos, 5 olives

Dinner - None

1,5 l water.

Again, please, someone join me? I really need some support… I feel so alone standing in front of myself knowing that may be I’ll never be thin or even healthy…


Day 2

Breakfast - Fresh orange juice

Lunch - Coffee

Dinner - Coffee

1,5 l water

I know this isn’t healthy but i wanted to clean my system firstly and then start eating healthy. 

Someone join me? I will not stop asking till someone really join me. I really need help…


Day 1

Breakfast - “Starbucks” Grande Non-Fat Latte

Lunch - None

Dinner - None

1,5 l water.

Please, someone join me. It’s a lot easier when you’re not alone…

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